Careful What You Wish For

This weekend Jurassic World made about a gazillion dollars at the box office. I haven’t seen it yet but people are saying it’s the great sequel Jurassic Park never had.

I totally can’t wait to see it.


Along with the Terminator movies, it was my favourite movie growing up.

Later in summer there’s another Terminator film. Having only seen the trailers for it, inside I’m screaming

“Stop making Terminator movies! Stop ruining ALL THE THINGS.”.

The sequence of films after Terminator 2 were the playbook of how to mess up a movie franchise. (Spoiler alert – the latest trailer shows John Connor as the bad guy.)

Just stop. Like right now. STOP.

But maybe you don’t get a Jurassic World without a couple like Terminator:Genisys.

But stop. Please.